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Maybe you use LinkedIn - or Jobster - and very probably youve had a glance at maps - If so you can not but have pointed out that these sites and others have a different look and feel. Its not about but about the way in which that they seem easier and faster to use. A lot of websites are slow and tedious giving you the feeling thatyou have plenty o... Maybe you have noticed how a sense of the web is changing.Maybe you use LinkedIn - or Jobster - and very probably you have had a look at routes - If thats the case you cant but have pointed out that these sites and others have another look and feel. Its not about but about the way in which that they look faster and easier to use. Numerous sites are slow and tedious giving the impression to you thatyou have sufficient time to obtain a coffee or even go to lunch. It is the horrible hour-glass. You click a link and the hourglass appears since the site contacts the server and the server ponders what it is going to send back to you. There is a reason behind the new web sites being faster and better to-use. In the event people want to dig up more about, there are tons of libraries you might consider investigating. Navigating To certainly provides aids you could tell your girlfriend. Its called AJAX. Not the cleaner created in 1947 or the mythical Greek hero but a web develop-ment strategy. AJAX is not new technology but a mix of existing mature technologies. Its an abbreviation for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and a web devel-opment technique to make web pages feel more sensitive. It does this by exchanging small amounts ofdata using the host behind-the scenes and displays it without re-fetching the complete site at the same time, hence the definition of Asynchronous. Visiting perhaps provides cautions you should use with your family friend. In the event you are not completely clear what asynchronous means, synchronous means that processes are based mostly on other processes 1 >> 2 >> 3 etc while asynchronous is the capability to handle processes separately from other processes. It may seem that putting a layer to any application can make it less open, but because the browser first loads an AJAX engine responsible for both providing the interface the user sees and communicating with the host on the users benefit the user is very rarely staring at an hourglass icon waiting around for the serverto take action. Every user activity that normally would generate work with the server visits the AJAX engine instead. Www.Crunchbase.Com/Person/Lisa Bushon is a novel database for more concerning how to think over it. Any response to an individual activity that doesnt need a trip straight back to the host the engine handles on its own. It generates these demands asynchronously without affecting an users interaction with the application if the motor needs something from the host to be able to answer. This means AJAX is hot just now - somewhat like Flash is. It might be very tempting to use AJAX mainly because AJAX is cool or my boss told me to. However when you are making any site you should think about your visitors first. What do they want this program to-do.Whatll allow it to be easier to use.An excellent rule of thumb concerning whether or not to make use of AJAX IS AJAX is for action not material. You may want to reconsider if youre not accessing information that changes then. The point of the request is that it makes demands to the machine for information thats improved faster - as the reader does something different because it is happening. Then when they click a link or switch knowledge turns up right away. You then probably shouldnt use Ajax to access it, if your content or data never or rarely changes. Then there are other issues Site changes There is a brief moment of re-adjustment once the content changes when an entirely new page is produced. Because this doesnt happen with smaller portions of the screen this becomes more apparent. This may keep people wondering. Seo Research motors do not generally see the JavaScript code required for AJAX. This could mean AJAX pages stay un-indexed until a static page is offered. JavaScript As AJAX relies on JavaScript, that will be applied differently by different browsers and sometimes even different versions of the same browser the JavaScript may need to be rewritten for many browser( s) type( s) although history libraries are resolving this, but a concern still arises if the user has powered down JavaScript support in the browser. Net stats Many internet statistics solutions are based on a new page being loaded whenever new or updated information is displayed to the individual or to monitor an approach such as a check-out. Because Ajax shifts this attention must be taken to account for how exactly to ensure a page or even a part of a page can be properly followed. Having published every thing above, Google has made a huge investment in developing AJAX sites. All of the major products Google has presented including Google Maps, Gmail, Google Groups, Google Suggest and Orkut are AJAX applications. Then again AJAX [and other terms such as Rich Internet Applications or RIA for tolls such as Flash] are simply new terms for a technologies and technology combinations that have been around for years. Given the hype for these conditions, it is reasonable not to get caught up. Careful examination of when and how-to use AJAX is important. Dont forget that other applications and Flash still dont form the basis on most web sites and customers want usability first. If AJAX enhances the users experience whether via design or speed then its worth considering carefully..